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...in 16 weeks and turn your passion for dance into a thriving profession.

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Why Choose This Program?

The world of Latin dance is evolving, and There's a Growing Demand for Salsa Instructors.

This program is designed to:

Enhance Your Skills: Elevate your dance technique, teaching methods, and business skills.
Boost Your Confidence: Prepare to lead classes with professionalism.
Open New Opportunities: Become Qualified to teach at dance studios, workshops, and events.
Make a Difference: Inspire others with the joy of salsa dancing.

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What Is The

Salsa Instructor Coaching Program?

The Program is an elite group of like-minded "dancerpreneurs" who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE else is doing... writing their own hefty paychecks... and living the life they’ve always wanted!

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Exclusive Group!

Many are now generating in excess of $10k per month



 teacher training | dance teacher | professional development



private lessons | teacher training | dance teacher



private lessons | teacher training | dance teacher


Waldo y Jacqui's Salsa Instructor Coaching Program

A 16-week certification program to becoming a highly-paid salsa instructor

dance teacher | dance instruction | salsa and bachata
teacher certification | dance teacher | dance instruction

Alright Let's Get Started

Even If Right Now, You Can’t Say You 100% Believe In Yourself...

It’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why we created the Salsa Instructor Coaching Program: a group of hardcore believers that do nothing but champion you and your salsa business across the finish line!!

Program Overview

As a Salsa Instructor you’ll be able to…

Become Really Good at Growing your Business

Learn the right skills to help your salsa dance business become bigger and better.

Earn More Money From Your Dance Business

Learn special skills that many people want and get paid more for what you do.

Have a Job that Makes You Happy

Help people to make good changes in their lives and feel proud about the work you do.

Save Money for the Future

Earn enough money from your dance passion to have a comfortable life.

Work When and Where You Like

Decide your own work hours and where you want to work from.

Make Friends Who Help Each Other

Meet people who like doing the same things as you and help you to succeed.

How it works

teacher certification | dance education | dance educators

1. Access World-Class Training Whenever You Need It

Embark on an elite, all-encompassing training program perfectly integrated into your daily life.

With just an 20 to an 30 minutes each week, you're set on the path to becoming an expert Salsa Instructor.

This program avoids overload and focuses on meaningful, manageable learning that fits your schedule.

dance education | dance educators | successful completion

2. Experience Interactive Live Coaching Sessions

Join weekly live sessions in an interactive online setting.

Stand out and connect directly with experienced coaches like Waldo y Jacqui, delve into weekly topics, and get real-time answers to crucial questions.

This is where true understanding deepens, and educational content comes to life.

dance education | online classes | professional development

3. Participate in Practical Peer Coaching Labs

The value of hands-on experience cannot be overstated, and that’s precisely what we offer.

Unlike standard programs, ours involves active participation in weekly practical coaching exercises. Engage in practice sessions, receive constructive feedback, and refine your techniques in a nurturing setting.

This program goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition—it’s about active application and personal transformation.

dance education |successful completion | professional development

4. Observe Real Dance Lessons Demonstrations

Watch and learn from the best—our "Coaching In Action" video vault offers over 16 hours of footage featuring top salsa instructors.

Witness the tops salsa instructors hone their skills by observing and learning from seasoned experts.

This resource is designed to help you elevate your dance teaching abilities by studying real-world applications at the highest level.


30 Minutes Per Week

Flexible and adaptable training timeline that fits even the busiest schedules

Balancing a full-time job, family duties, or other interests, our program is designed to integrate smoothly into your daily routine. Offering concise lessons and adaptable scheduling, you control the timing and location of your studies, making sure that your path to certification is paced comfortably. Progress at your own speed, on your own terms.

The Curriculum

Part 1 "Ignite"

In this part our program is designed to spark inspiration among salsa instructors.

This stage is where instructors gather to share experiences and ideas.

This collaboration kindles a fire within, fueling motivation and the drive to transform dreams into tangible, thriving businesses.

dance education | successful completion | professional development

Part 2 "Nail It"

In this part we concentrate on pinpointing the right offers that don’t just alter business trajectories but also have life-changing impacts.

This step ensures that instructors can offer services that resonate deeply with their students, thereby enhancing both personal and professional growth.

dance education | online community | salsa and bachata

Part 3 "Scale It"

This part is all about expansion. It guides instructors on how to strategically develop their salsa business to scale new heights.

This part of the program equips you with the tools and strategies necessary to enlarge your business scope and reach, pushing your entrepreneurial limits to realms previously unimagined.

dance education | professional development | cha cha
dance instructor | dance education


Meet Waldo & Jacqui Solano, Premier Dance Business Coaches

Waldo and Jacqui Solano are dynamic business coaches with a passion for empowering entrepreneurs and dance business leaders to achieve exceptional success. With over two decades of combined experience in coaching, leadership development, and strategic business planning, they have established themselves as influential mentors in the dance business community.

Waldo Solano, originally a celebrated dancer and choreographer, leveraged his extensive experience in team management and event organization to transition into dance business coaching. His expertise lies in building resilient teams and fostering a culture of innovation and productivity.

Jacqui Solano brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and customer relations, derived from her background in the public school system and managing large-scale events and public relations. Her approach is centered on enhancing client engagement and driving business growth through effective communication and branding strategies.

Together, the Solanos offer a unique blend of creative and strategic thinking, helping businesses navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in today's competitive landscape. They are known for their tailored coaching sessions that not only aim to improve dance business operations but also prioritize personal growth and leadership development for dance instructors.

Through their workshops and one-on-one sessions, Waldo and Jacqui Solano have helped numerous dance businesses thrive by instilling leadership qualities and strategic thinking in their salsa instructors clients. They are committed to transforming their clients' visions into reality, making them sought-after dance business coaches for anyone looking to elevate their dance business.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Check what other dance instructors say about us...

dance instructor

Mark H

Dance Instructor

dance instructor

Terri Ann Feliciano

Founder and Director at Atrevidos Dance Company


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dance instructor | latin america | online courses
dance instructor | latin america | online courses

Mark Hip

I'm coming from this class from a slightly different perspective than many other first time dancers. I have actually danced for about ten years now, and most of my social dancing has been through Swing (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa), as well as some Argentine Tango, and some Salsa before now. I've also been teaching Swing lessons for several years now, so I can understand their perspective as instructors.

I have never seen a social dance in the Knoxville area conducted so well as with Waldo and Jacqueline, especially with the numbers that are present in their classes. It is very easy for classes of over thirty people to devolve into chaos, but their presence keeps people on task. They've got the video recordings and live streaming set up, their control of the music commands attention, and the location has ample space with a mirror to correct yourself. On top of that, their bootcamp leads into level 2 instruction, level 2 instruction leads into level 3, and then they post events for weekends, monthly dances, etc. etc. etc. It's a thoroughly set up pipeline. Frankly, I'm kind of jealous and have plans to steal their technique and implement it in my own teaching. Sorry you two!

​As for the instruction, I'm thoroughly impressed with their ability to include cultural and historical context alongside the dancing. They can easily explain how to dance to different instruments in the music, and they explain steps down to precisely how your feet contact the floor. It's nothing short of immersive, and I trust them when I come to their classes. If you're a dancer or a dance teacher wanting to learn Salsa in the Knoxville area, come learn from them.

dance instructor | online courses | teacher training
dance instructor | latin america | online courses

Terri Ann Feliciano

YEARS before I moved to Cincinnati, I lived in Knoxville for 7 years. I was here that I first joined a lady's team with Waldo Solano and Jacqueline Solano AND they supported my decision to take their classes as a lead. Thanks to Them, it inspired me to start teaching when I got to Cincinnati and start my own team.

​I'm finally returning to Knoxville to teach and perform at their amazing social "The Salsa Part" Knoxville, TN. I', forever grateful in my start with them, and SO excited to be invited to this event!!!


Salsa Instructor Certificate Coaching Program


Become a Certified Salsa Instructor

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Yes, I want to shortcut my success, and I'm interested in one of the last spots inside of the "The Salsa Instructor" coaching and consulting program.

This is my confidential application form:

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What type of business do you currently own?

What is your core goal with joining the Salsa Instructor Coaching Program?

If you were to have a discussion with Waldo y Jacqui 12 months from today, and you looked back over the past year, what would have had to happen in your life both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?

Do You Believe That Waldo y Jacqui and His Coaches Could Get You There?

What is your #1 challenge to growing your own salsa dance company right now?

This group isn't just about what you can get from it but also what you can give. What value can you bring to the "Salsa Instructor Coaching Program" community?

What is your main motivation for wanting to join "The Salsa Instructor Coaching Program?"

If you have an active website, please include links to what you have live online right now:

By submitting this application you understand that this is a substantial investment in your future and you are prepared to commit the time and resources to get the results that are possible. How would you best describe your commitment level right now?


Frequently Asked Questions

dance instructor | online courses | teacher training

What if I don't have any business experience?

This Coaching Certification program is designed for salsa dancers and instructors of all levels - including complete beginners. This program is for you, even if you currently lack the skills, knowledge, or confidence...even if you've never built a business...and even if you’ve never taught anyone in your life: the program meets you where you’re at, and guides you through every single step of becoming a transformational salsa instructor.

​After you’ve completed the 16-week program, you’ll emerge with the mindset and disposition, the coaching tools and methods, the confidence and motivation, the potential client base, and the business strategies you need to build a highly profitable, fulfilling, and impactful salsa dance business practice. We guarantee it.

What if I’m already an experienced salsa instructor - how will this help me?

Every aspect of the Salsa Instructor Coaching Certification program is designed to maximize your performance, income, fulfillment, and impact as a salsa instructor: even if you already have a stable salsa dance business.

First, you’re getting a brand new set of leading-edge tools and techniques developed and optimized through Waldo y Jacqui's Salsa Instructor coaching certification system: including how you think and strategize as a salsa instructor, how you approach and serve different types of people and personalities, and how you can expand your services to not only salsa dance, but consult on every aspect of your clients’ dance desires.

Second, you will be trained and supported on how to optimize and grow your salsa dance business and your income. If you’ve ever struggled with this aspect of coaching, the guidance you receive in the program will help you secure and retain the right amount and quality of clients, raise your rates or multiply your income without losing clients, and make a bigger impact while maintaining perfect balance with all other dimensions of your life.

And it’s all based on proven salsa dance business models and frameworks we’ve used to grow our own dance business to where it is today.

​Third, you get the support of the Waldo y Jacqui ecosystem itself: our top Instructors and leaders, our next generation coaching technologies that solve many of the challenges faced by salsa instructors, and even our vast global network of salsa instructors and entrepreneurs - as a Salsa Instructor Certified, all our best assets are yours to leverage and grow your business with.

​Will this Certification Program help me get new and/or better clients?

Many salsa instructors struggle to find, retain, and improve their quality of clients. That’s why one of the key features of the Salsa Instructor Certification program is the vast global network you become a part of upon signing up.

As a Certified Salsa Instructor, you’re our valued partner and ally: and you’re treated as such through exclusive invites to our annual business events, speaking opportunities, placements in our salsa instructor directory, and many more opportunities to meet, co-create, and work with many of today’s leading businesses and entrepreneurs who share your values and need your skills.

​By committing to the process and taking advantage of all the networking opportunities available to you, it’s likely you’ll fill up your client bookings within months or even weeks of joining us.

I have a busy schedule - what happens if I need to miss some of the weekly trainings?

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

​The entire coaching program is designed to be flexible and adaptable - so as long as you stay consistent and focused on the big picture, you’ll get all the support you need to reach the finish line.

What time will the live meetings happen, and will they be available in my timezone?

Live sessions will take place on Fridays, 1pm EST. All live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time, even if you miss one.

Do I get an official certificate upon completing the program?

Yes! Upon completion you’ll get an official printable certification that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or any other platform you’d like.

​Will I need to recertify after a certain time period?

This certification is valid for 24 months or 2 years, where your profile will be showcased on our website (https://waldoyjacqui.com/salsainstructors).

We would expect you to recertify after that as we would be constantly upgrading materials and we would want you to always be abreast of it. Re-certification will be at a fraction of the current cost.

This is because we need to ensure that all of our salsa instructors are always up to date with the latest learnings and market trends.

This is also a way to also ensure that your certification will provide you a worldwide recognition that is backed up by a company that guarantees that our salsa instructors graduates can always deliver the highest quality of results.​

What if I can’t finish the certification?

We’re here to support you every step of the way. As long as you block out 30 to 45 minutes/week, which includes the time needed for the weekly live calls, you’ll be fine. Our previous Certified Business Coach program saw 95% completion rates among all students - and we’re confident the vast majority of aspiring salsa will make it to the finish line here too.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We want you to be overjoyed with your experience. That’s why we’re giving you 14 days (from the start of the program) to decide if it’s for you. If it’s not for any reason - even if you just can’t spare the time for the weekly sessions, you can give yourself a full and fast refund of their payment.

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